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Winterize Your Immune System: Fight Flu Naturally!

Published: 2011-11-23 4:05:00 PM - Author: none
We all prepare for winter in one way or another but have we prepared our immune system in order to prevent cold and flu? Few of us take the time to consider winterizing our immune systems for the coming months ahead in order to prevent colds and flus, yet we should in order to achieve optimal health over the winter season.

Caffeine- A Friend or A Foe

Published: 2011-10-14 2:29:00 PM - Author: none
Caffeine is considered the most commonly used mind-altering drug in the world and we have to ask ourselves ‘why has a substance which places an enormous metabolic burden on your body and offers no nutritional value at all -- no vitamins, no minerals, no enzymes -- become so widely used throughout the world?’ Let’s examine!

Back to School Conerns: How to Deal with Anxiety and What to Feed Your Children for Breakfast

Published: 2011-09-05 4:01:00 PM - Author: Andrea Hauser
Back to school anxiety is very common for children both young and old and many parents are unsure how to address this issue. Another concern for many health conscious parents is what should we be feeding our children to ensure their mental/emotional and physicals health. In this article we will address both these areas so that back to school is a smooth and healthy transition.

Green Smoothie Detox Guide to Health

Published: 2011-07-27 4:13:00 PM - Author: none
There are lots of detoxification regimens out there now as people in our society realize how pollution from all sources builds up in our bodies causing illness, sleeplessness, weight gain, poor energy, irritability, and much worse. The Green Smoothies detox is one of the best things you can do to boost your energy, loose weight, and even help improve chronic disease!

10 Good Reasons To Use Homeopathy

Published: 2011-04-11 - Author: none
April 10th marks the 156th year since Samuel Hahnmann (the father of Homeopathy) was born. To celebrate his birthday here are some reason why Homeopathy is wonderful!

How to Make Your Own Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Published: 2011-03-11 3:06:00 PM - Author: none
This spring make your own all natural cleaners to give you house a fresh and clean scent without using harsh chemicals!