The Fluoride Debate: Is Water Fluoridation Ethical?

At the municipal election on October 25th Waterloo voters will be asked to vote on water fluoridation.  This is an important health issue for you and your family.  Educate yourself and if you feel fluoridation is not worth the risk, vote NO to fluoridation.

Most people are familiar with fluoride  because they use it daily and thus falsely perceive that it is relatively harmless.  Unfortunately it is not well known that acute and chronic exposure to fluoride at high or even low concentrations can cause poisoning much like any other compound. 

Our exposure to fluoride compounds has increased over the years because fluorine is not only widely distributed in the ecosystem (ie. in the atmosphere, soil, water and food chain), but it is also added to the water, drugs, and products we consume daily.  This has lead to a situation of chronic exposure to fluoride, a substance that is derived from one of the most potent poisons in nature, fluorine. 

The primary goal of fluoridation and the use of fluoride containing products is the reduction of tooth decay.  Many governments and health organizations including Health Canada, the Canadian Public Health Association, the Canadian Dental Association, the Canadian Medical Association and the World Health Organization endorse the fluoridation of drinking water for this reason.  However, fluorides can lead to serious side effects in some individuals.  The public needs to be aware of the dangers associated with this seemingly harmless substance in order to protect themselves and their children from toxic exposure.

In Canada and the USA fluoride poisoning has occurred not only due to mistaken ingestion and pump problems, but also due to the recommended use of fluoride toothpastes etc. mixed with daily chronic exposure from our environment and other fluoride containing products. 

There are widely accepted estimates of fluoride toxicity and lethal doses such as 5-10g of sodium fluoride (32 to 64 mg of fluoride/kg) for a 70-kg adult, however, these estimates vary from source to source and are not representative for the most recent studies where toxic effects have occurred at a much lower level.    The numerous incidences of fluoride toxicity and countless studies that demonstrate that the toxic dose of fluoride is most likely lower than originally believed, suggests that futher research needs to be conducted to establish concrete toxic values.  Without furhter investigation how can water fluoridation and the addition of fluoride compounds into other products be legitamize with respect to assurance of public health safety? 

Many feel that monitoring water intake and avoiding products with fluorides can control the occurrences of unwanted side effects.  However, the quantity of fluoride our body absorbs from other sources such as air pollution and food sources is not taken into account in regards to cumulative and chronic toxicity.  The individuals who are opposed to public fluoridation of drinking water feel that the negative health effects such as dental fluorosis and death outweigh the purported benefits of water fluoridation.  Many feel that having a lethal chemical in the water is reckless.

Fluoride in general is a very toxic substance that can be detrimental to our health.  Due to the numerous side effects that are currently known about fluoride exposure, fluoridation may perhaps be unjust.   Especially when you consider the recent ethical issues regarding whether or not water fluoridation is a violation of our right to consent to medical treatment.  There are already too many questionable substances in the air, in our water supplies, and in the food that we eat.  In my opinion, the use of fluoride products and fluoridation shoud be an informed choice. At the very least the public needs to be further educated as to the negative impacts of this seemingly harmless substance and the preventative messures they can take to avoid toxicity. 

Andrea Hauser, Homeopath

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The primary goal of fluoridation and the use of fluoride containing products is the reduction of tooth decay.  However, fluorides can cause serious side effects for some people!

Did You Know?

- Fluorides are derived from fluorine which is one of the most potent poisons in nature!!!
o Nutritionist Janet Budgell reports that fluoride has traditionally been used as a rat poison; less dangerous than arsenic and more deadly than lead!
- Toronto’s water had been fluoridated since 1962 based on a 51.7% “yes” vote!
o ``It's been 36 years . . . since Toronto had a referendum on fluoride and it just barely squeaked through at that time. There has been substantial epidemiological evidence now to show that we made a wrong turn,'' said former Toronto Councillor O’Donohue.
- Ingested doses as low as 0.01-0.3mg/kg can cause side effects of fluoride toxicity BUT the current accepted toxic dose of fluoride is 2mg/kg!
- Tens of millions of people are effected by poisoning due to concentrations of fluoride that are too high!
- The flouridation of water supplies,  the addition of fluoride to oral health products, and hidden sources of fluoride in our food supplies, has caused a sittuation of chronic exposure to floride!



-Never give fluoridated mouthwash to children under six years of age, as they may swallow it!
- Do not use fluoride supplements such as drops or tablets (also recommended by Health Canada).
- Make sure that your children use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush!
- Teach your children not to swallow toothpaste!!
-Children under six years of age should be supervised while brushing, and children under the age of three should have their teeth brushed by an adult without using any toothpaste.
-Become familiar with the hidden sources of fluoride.  Keep them away from small children and limit the intake of fluoride containing products.
-Choose a water source that is not supplemented with fluoride.


Hidden Sources of Fluoride
-Pop, Juice, Tea, Wine, Beer, Bottled Water, Antibiotics, Vaccinations, Toothpastes
-Cereal, Soy products, Seafood, Air Pollution, Rodenticides, Insecticides
              -Household products, Teflon, Mattresses, Scotch guard, Fluoride salts/tabs 


SIGNS + SYMPTOMS of Fluoride Toxicity
Skin problems, ulcers, acute pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, convulsions, paralysis, abnormal growth of teeth, abnormal growth of bones, dizziness.


Studies have shown:
-A connection between fluoridation and cancer (of the bones, lungs, pancreas, + lymph glands)
-Genetic damage + birth defects
-Damage to the nervous + reproductive system
-Increases in aluminum uptake in the brain (Alzheimer’s)
-Weakness of the immune systems


1) Dental Fluorosis = White spots on teeth + eroding of enamel, which leads to dental problems.
2) Skeletal Fluorosis = Brittle bones, which leads to pain and increase in fractures.

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