How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Here is to Eating & Sleeping While Burning Fat!!!

Dreams of vacation time with the family in the sunshine are here at last, but for many summertime also brings nightmares regarding body image. The long anticipated heat often goes hand in hand with anxieties about bathing suit season. Resultantly, summer is a time when many start looking into fad diets and other unnatural products. Although such diets can be helpful to some individuals, they are not always realistic. Who wants to be the only one drinking a shake at the BarBQ? Or sit out on a game of beech volleyball due to a lack of energy from extreme dieting or fasting?

A key aspect of loosing weight is improving your metabolism. And although there are millions of products out there that claim to do so, many are unsafe and unrealistic for long-term usage. There are two very natural ways to improve your metabolism and resultantly improve your health. These two key components are simple, sleep and nutrition (not dieting!).

It is well known that circadian rhythms govern fundamental physiological functions and disruption of these rhythms can profoundly influence health. Recently, scientists of have discovered that the energy levels in your cells are regulated by your circadian rhythms. In addition, studies now show that an enzyme protein (a molecular component of the proper functioning of circadian rhythms), interacts with another protein that senses energy levels in your cells and modulates aging and metabolism. This means that proper sleep and diet may be the most important answer in helping to rebuild the balance between your circadian rhythm and metabolism. Additionally, this perspective sheds light on how a lack of rest or disruption of normal sleep can increase hunger and consequently obesity related health concerns and accelerated aging.

When we deprive ourselves of sleep or eat meals at odd times of the day when our bodies actually expect you to be resting, conflicting messages result which can lead to weight gain. Thus, to boost your metabolism your first job is to ensure you are getting a proper amount of high quality sleep (which is very individual) during the hours your body expects to be sleeping. If you are experiencing unrefreshing sleep or any other sleep disorders, homeopathy can offer a natural solution to improving your sleep while avoiding the numerous side effects and common dependency of sleeping pills. For general information see - 33 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep.

Diet wise there are several general rules. The key is to eat at regular intervals as apposed to skipping meals because this will only cause your body to store fat in the case of prolonged fasting. Eating smaller meals more frequently actually boosts metabolism, as long as you avoid overeating and eat meals only within the times your body expects to eat (i.e. Not past 7pm). If you are not well versed in nutrition and are confused by the conflicting information out there regarding healthy eating, visit your homeopath or naturopath. They can help you develop an individualized nutrition plan that helps to boost your metabolism as well as address any specific nutritional requirements you may have.

Besides eating a balanced diet that consists of whole grains, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and some high quality protein, there are several thermogenic foods that can help to stimulate your metabolism. Here is to eating and burning fat!

Andrea Hauser, HD

THERMOGENIC FOODS -- Stimulate Your Metabolism Today!

Cayenne Pepper – Oxford Polytechnic Institute proved that cayenne pepper stimulates the metabolism approximately 20%. It also cleans fat out of the arteries while adding some flavor to foods.

Salsa – Salsa has been proven to stimulate your metabolism by approximately 15-20%. This natural thermogenic can be thrown on everything. The hotter the better!

Hot Peppers & Chili Sauce/Mustard – It is important you listen to your taste buds and avoid these foods if you have health conditions that are aggravated by these items but generally they are amazing at stimulating your metabolisms. British investigators added about 3/5 of teaspoon of hot chili sauce, or ordinary mustard to a meal, and these hot foods caused the average metabolism in 12 subjects to shoot up 25%. The subjects burned off and extra 45 calories in the next 3 hours.

Green Tea (Iced or Hot) – Constituents of green tea have been shown to reduce absorption of sugar into the blood and lessen cravings for sweets. Most importantly, green tea enhances the action of amylase (a primary digestive enzyme of carbs). Food can then move more quickly through the digestive system, and resultantly raise metabolism and burn more calories.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink – This fat burner assists the reduction of excess weight. Twice daily, drink 1 ˝ tsp of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of pure water. The cider vinegar treatment has shown to allow surplus fat to gradually disappear, whether it is a double chin or love handles. To avoid your body becoming immune to this regime do 2-3 weeks on, then one week off.

Cabbage – This is a longevity food that is also linked to a decreased incidence in colon cancer. Choose coleslaw over green salad with your next meal.

Celery – It takes more energy for the body to absorb and digest than the calories it provides. It is also a nerve tonic that is great to chew on when you are stressed as apposed to junk foods. It calms your nerves, helps flush fat out of your system, and can even improve your sleep.

Other Key Vegetables include Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Spinach.

Apples – A low glycemic and low insulin food that is loaded with pectin. Apples help you feel full longer and avoid hunger pains by guarding against dangerous swings or drops in your blood sugar levels.

Grapefruit – Studies show that grapefruit actually does dissolve fat and high cholesterol. The pectin levels help curb your appetite as well!

Berries – Berries are a great weight reduction food as their natural fructose helps to satisfy your craving for sweets but also provides enough fibre so you can absorb fewer calories than you eat.

Fatty Fish - Yes you can fight fat with fat. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon and tuna can actually increase your metabolic rate. Moreover they rid the body of excess fluids and increase energy levels. Essential fatty acids also play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer.

Soup – Studies show that eating soup before lunch or dinner helped more dieters loose weight than those who didn’t. Soup fills you up better than salad as salad contains approximately 75% water.

Oatmeal - Oats drive out cholesterol and help you to feel full longer. Oatmeal also releases glucose in the blood stream very slowly. For a double whammy add buckwheat to your bowl in the morning.

Rye/Pumpernickel Bread – Some breads can actually reduce your appetite, while others do the opposite. These dense high fibre breads are less likely to elevate your blood sugar levels and stimulate fat storage. Researchers found that subjects who ate dark, high fibre breads – compared to those who ate white bread, were less hungry on a daily basis and lost five pounds in just two months, without doing anything else different.

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