Be Allergy Free with Homeopathy

A Natural Cure for Environmental Allergies

T'is the season of sneezing, runny noses, itchy watery eyes, throat irritation and a general low feeling despite the end of winter.   It is hay fever and environmental allergy season!  Canadians are far too familiar with these cold like symptoms and consequently are far too familiar with the allergy section at the drug store.

Living with seasonal allergies can be torture to many especially when it impacts your ability to enjoy outdoor activities after a long winter of being cooped up indoors.  Many people are quick to reach for over the counter allergy meds that may provide temporary relief of symptoms but often reap havoc on the liver and can cause unwanted side effects.  Natural alternatives such as homeopathy can provide individuals with relief from allergy symptoms without the use of suppressive medications that cause more complex health concerns.

Hay fever is described as a type of seasonal rhinitis typified by an allergic reaction to pollen causing a release of histamine by the body and inflammation of the mucous membranes (eye, nose, and airway).  This is a very physical/material way to look at allergies.  When you look at allergies from a more holistic point of view it is easy to see that it is the individuals inability to resist the allergen that is the issue, and that the allergen is merely the trigger and not the problem. 

Treating the symptoms alone is not the answer, and avoiding allergens in not truly living.  What needs to be addressed with any dis-ease, including allergies, is the strength of your constitution and immune system.  Homeopathy strengthens your constitution; creating deep and profound healing by naturally activating the body's self-healing mechanisms.  We become less affected by typically harmless substances (allergens) when our constitution is strong as opposed to being over-reactive and hypersensitive.  In general, allergies are a reflection of an imbalance in the body. 

A homeopath will select one remedy that addresses this imbalance,  fits your unique expression of allergy symptoms as well as your complete symptom picture (mental/emotion/physical picture).  Overtime the remedy will help your body to heal itself and overcome allergy symptoms as a result of addressing the root cause of your health concerns. 

There are numerous combination homeopathic remedies that can potentially help your allergies.   These products are a more natural, side-effect free option, that may be helpful to some patients but can be very disappointing to others.  These quick-fix remedies may provide temporary relief of your symptoms much like conventional allergy medications or offer no relief what so ever because they do not address the individual imbalance and cause of your allergies.  Lasting cure can only take place after a professional homeopath has conducted a thorough case taking of your health concerns and has chosen a remedy unique to you.  There is no one remedy to treat one condition as there is conventional medicine.  Rather each allergy sufferer may require very different homeopathic remedies.

Andrea Hauser, Homeopath

Helpful Allergy Tips

*See a Homeopathic Practitioner to help eliminate allergies for good and as a   preventative measure.


*Try homeopathic products found at health food stores and many grocery stores such as Boiron’s Allergy Care Kit and Sabadil for temporary relief of symptoms.

*Use nasal saline irrigation products such as a Neti Pot during allergy season to help gently flush away irritants.  Note: A inexpensive bulb syringe and with warm distilled water and Himalayan salt or sea salt can produce the same effects (Ex. 1tsp of salt to each pint of distilled water).


*Strengthen your immune system by limiting sugars and wheat from your diet, exercising, and optimizing your Vitamin D levels.

*Take a high quality probiotic as good bacteria may help to lower levels of an antibody that produces allergy symptoms while raising levels of antibody IgG that may play a role in allergic reaction.

*Consider an air purifier for your home to help remove airborne allergens.

*Increase your Omega-3 fatty acid levels (fish oil) to reduce the allergic and inflammatory response.

*Avoid mucous-forming foods such as fried and processed foods, refined flour, eggs and dairy products while increasing your green leafy vegetables for their high nutrient content required for a healthy immune system.


*Take a Vitamin C supplement that contains Quercetin for their natural antihistamine effects.

*To soothe itchy and irritated eyes, soak eyepads in diluted, cool Eurphrasia tincture and rest them on the eyelids (Ex. 4 drops of the tincture to 150mL water)