Sprout Vitality with Custom Meal Planning

Interested in achieving optimal wellness? Want some support in meeting your goals and maximizing your health routines?

We now offer two new and exciting Vitality Programs at Sprout! It’s all about making your life easier while achieving optimal health. Our VitalMENU program is designed as an add-on support for anyone interested in a custom healthy meal plan.  Our VitalYOU program is a full 8 week program that includes both analysis and a treatment plan, with support along the way to keep you motivated and on track! The program features delicious meals with photos, shopping lists, and recipe instructions like the example shown below:


VitalMENU – Custom Meal Plan 

The Sprout VitalMENU is all about creating a custom meal plan for you! A delicious meal plan will factor in your dietary restrictions, goals, and preferences along with your personal mental, physical and emotional health to design a menu that fits your lifestyle needs. Whether you have intolerances or simply need a fun meal plan for your entire family a custom menu in today’s increasingly busy world is Vital!


  • 1 or 2 week custom meal plan

  • Calendar of meals

  • Recipes and notes with photos

  • A complete shopping list with food quantities

  • Nutritional breakdown

Package concepts:

  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Programs

  • Total Transformation and Lighten up Programs

  • Kid Friendly Program

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Programs

  • Ketogenic, Paleo and Anti-inflammatory Programs

  • Low FODMAP and Gut healing Programs

  • Whole Food Plant Based and Vegan Programs

  • Real Food Real Quick Program

  • Hormone Balancing and PCOS Programs

  • Thyroid Health Program

  • Fall Harvest and Immune Boosting Programs

  • Anti Candida Programs… and much more!

Investment: 1 WEEK ($75) or 2 WEEK ($120) Meal Plan



The Sprout VitalYOU program is designed for individuals who want to improve their vitality but don’t know where to start. Through a series of investigations, we will determine what your biologically unique body needs to prevent disease and achieve optimal health. Your results will then be synthesized to create a comprehensive and personalized wellness plan. Included: (8-week program)
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis (Before and After Blood Samples)
  • Urine Analysis and Adrenal Testing (Before and After Samples)
  • A custom VitalMENU meal plan
  • pH Balancing Kit
  • A custom VitalYOU Wellness Plan (i.e. Supplement* and lifestyle modifications) *cost of supplements is additional
Investment: $449