What is Homeopathy? Information from Hauser Homeopathy in Waterloo, Ontario.

For New Patients - What to Expect


Your First Visit

Your initial consultation with Andrea Hauser, Homeopath and Live Cell Microscopist, will be approximately 1 hour in duration.  This appointment will be catered to your unique needs and wants.  Some individuals will want to focus on their current health concerns homeopathically, whereas others may want to focus on the health of their internal terrain with live blood cell analysis.  

During the session you will have the opportunity to discuss all of your health concerns, your health history, and even your nature and unique idiosyncrasies.  Time permitting, this appointment may also include live blood cell analysis (LBA). Please specify if LBA is of particular interest to you.  At the end of each appointment a treatment plan will be recommended based on Andrea's assessment and observations, as well as your unique health needs.

Any questions you may have concerning your treatment can also be addressed at this time.  Please bring any pertinent medical information (i.e. list of medications and supplements, blood tests results, medical letters etc.).  If you hope to have LBA at your first appointment you will need to drink plenty of water but fast for 3 hours prior to your appointment.

After your initial consultation the Homeopath will work on your individual case in depth.  In many cases, a quick follow-up  (or 'Review of Findings' for any lab tests conducted) will be scheduled for approximately 2 weeks after your initial consultation for 15minutes.  At this time you will receive a revised treatment plan and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.


Follow-Up Visits

Subsequent follow-up visits will be scheduled at intervals appropriate to the individual case.  On average the first in-depth follow up will occur at one month.  This appointment will be scheduled for 45 minutes to 1 hour and may include additional lab assessments such as Live Blood Cell Analysis, and Adrenal testing.  It is important to keep in contact with your Homeopath via email in between appointments with any questions or concerns.   Follow-up visits will become less frequent as you return to a better state of health.

Follow-up visits will also include an assessment of progress, additional case taking in complex cases (i.e. long-term chronic conditions), and further discussion regarding your treatment plan.  Nutritional and lifestyle counseling will be ongoing based on the needs and wants of the patient.


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