What is Homeopathy? Information from Hauser Homeopathy in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Cost of Services*            

Initial Consultation (1 hr)  $150+HST

This consultation will be individualized based on your unique wants and needs.  Please see the New Patient tag for more information.

Subsequent Visit (1 hr)  $95+HST

Subsequent Visit (45 min) $80+ HST

Review of Findings/Subsequent Visit (15 min) $35 + HST

Acute Visit (Cold, Flu, Infection, Injury etc.) $65 + HST

Phone/Email Consultation & Remedy Renewal  $25-45 + HST

Remedy Dispensing Fee $8-12 + HST

Custom Meal Planning $75+ HST (1 week) & $125 + HST (2 weeks)

Currently several Insurance Companies cover treatment by a homeopath but not all. It is always best to check your personal plan first.  Homeopathy was regulated under the HCP Act April 1st 2015.  More and more extended health care plans will be coving Homeopathic services provided by Registered Homeopaths in the coming year. 

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice.  

*There will be additional charges for  homeopathic remedies, refills, Bach flower preparations, and other supplements purchased.